Can the mind be reprogrammed for success and happiness? Carl Hunter shares his top tactics for reprogramming the subconscious mind with manual techniques and new technology. We discuss the difference between affirmations and declarations as well as, the importance of using extremely specific language when reprogramming.

About Carl Hunter

Carl Hunter is an artist, entrepreneur, transformation coach and subconscious mind programming expert. He is also the creator of the amazing new MindPower Acceleration Technology™ called MindFlavors®. He began the self development journey as a young child by seeking ways to improve his own behavior in order to get better results in all areas of his life.

He started pursuing it seriously in 1987 when he discovered a powerful method to re-program his own subconscious mind. This led to him achieving his dreams by the age of 31, of traveling around the world, getting into the diamond business, and moving to the Virgin Islands where he spent many years enjoying the tropical island life.

In early 2015, while continuing to pursue faster and more powerful methods for transformation, Carl discovered some ancient power secrets. Using these new found ideas, he invented the revolutionary technology that has trumped all of his previous techniques for harnessing the power of our subconscious minds.

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