The team from Soulful Cannabis joins Realign with the Divine and provides an overview of the current yet ever-shifting Medical Marijuana Industry in Pennsylvania. We share our personal healing experiences working with this plant medicine and what brings the soul element to Soulful Cannabis.

About Soulful Cannabis

Soulful Cannabis is a collective working to make the cannabis industry the best version of itself.

They forge relationships, develop mind-shifting content and host events in service of social equity in the cannabis industry, where social equity is a big picture view of community impact, opportunity, diversity, patient advocacy and social justice.

Soulful Cannabis act as stewards; serving as light-holders for the leaders joining the collective, amplifying and cross-connecting their efforts with other groups.

The Soulful Cannabis team includes Skip Shuda, Jason Mitchell & Julia Kline.

The Team

Skip Shuda started Soulful Cannabis in 2018 after recognizing that the emerging cannabis industry could use some help in being the “best version of itself”.

Skip is a serial entrepreneur, medical marijuana operations executive, digital marketing specialist and startup business advisor. From January 2017 until April 2018 he was the Chief Operating Officer of one of Pennsylvania’s first medical marijuana dispensaries. He helped the team achieve a ranking of #8 out of 255 statewide dispensary applicants, ensuring a successful application. Skip oversaw the first sale to take place in the southeastern part of PA and the move to an operational status of two dispensaries.

Jason Mitchell has been working with patients in medical and adult use cannabis stores since 2009. He has worked in a variety of cannabis-related roles including General Manager, Store Manager, Sales Associate and Educational Instructor. He has worked on numerous cannabis industry activities in both medical and adult-use markets including, sourcing genetics at grow operations, working with patients on a one-on-one basis as well as staff management point-of-sale setup with MJ Freeway, Flowhub, Metric and Leaf.

Julia Kline has over 20 years of experience working with patients in the health and wellness field. After she became a Registered Nurse in 2009, she began working in the emergency department where she witnessed the growing opioid epidemic. Reminded of the Hippocratic Oath she took, she knew she needed to be an ambassador of change. This solidified her interest in cannabis as medicine, supporting the alternative.

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