Are you in alignment with your true essence? Shawna Pelton shares how you can learn to live from the highest expression of your soul’s potential through the wisdom of the Gene Key’s. Shawna explains how the keys coded into our DNA can reveal our major life themes, illuminate our challenges & serve as a guide to unlocking the greatest genius within our genetic codes.

About Shawna Pelton

Shawna Pelton is a Transformational Healer, Mentor, Teacher, Speaker, whose eclectic professional background spans nearly 2 decades of passionate study and training under various teachings from the mystery schools, mind-body medicine and natural solutions for healing, to the neuroscience of change for people building and helping people break habits.

Although always in service, her career has shape-shifted over the years, working with herbal & holistic nutrition education, aesthetics & anti-aging, biophoton therapy for hard to treat conditions, meditation for stress, spiritual guidance for life purpose & meaning , energy medicine for pain, emotional mastery & forgiveness for self and relationship healing, NLP & hypnosis for behavioral change, Conversational Intelligence(TM) and Executive Coaching for building trust.

Shawna prides herself on being grounded in practical proven techniques while embodying the more contemporary spiritual nature of transformational work for elevating consciousness, free from dogma; reducing fear & uncertainty in a world of rapid change.

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