Do you walk your talk? Are you living your truth and creating your most authentic life? Marie Goodwin shares how traveling the world for a year and half helped her to breakdown the stories she’d been taught about what is truly important. From reevaluating the education system and choosing to “Unschool” her children, to forming the Media Timebank and the Media Freestore, Marie has been an advocate for social change and a community leader for many years. After a tragic accident nearly killed her husband Marie experienced what it was like to receive support from her community.

About Marie Goodwin

Marie makes her home in a little town in southeast Pennsylvania with her husband and two teen children. She has a restless and inquisitive mind, with research interests ranging from ancient and medieval history to modern politics, radical economics to attachment theory, alternative medicine to de-colonizing education, plant intelligence to permaculture, community activism to brain science, epistemology to life-learning, re-skilling to ancestral health, indigenous wisdom to the science of connection, ancient philosophy to astrophysics, and a whole lot in between. And the beauty of it all? It is all connected through the mycelium of story.

She is, or has been, an archaeologist, a teacher, an activist, a scientist, a homesteader, an unschooling mother of two, a world-traveler, a Ph.D. student, an art exhibition coordinator, a potter, a student of permaculture and herbalism, a mentor, a community organizer, and both an editor as well as a writer.

Somewhat to her own surprise, these interests culminated in the writing of a novel of alternative historical fiction set in medieval Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Vinland. The Other Land is the first book of what is envisaged as a trilogy.

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