Adele and Michael Cavallaro are a couple that has committed to growth. The first requirement being self-love. Without the essential foundation of self-love unconscious beliefs, programs and opposing frequencies have the potential to rule your relationships as well as your relationship with yourself. The process to heal involves applying the work on human, soul and spirit levels.

About Adele and Michael Cavallaro

Adele & Michael met in 1999, then co-created processes that could help others to live a life unhindered by trauma.

In 2000, Adele founded the non-profit, Teamwork Wins, a Foundation of Awareness & Change.

In 2002, Michael founded “Living Concepts”, a company providing personal, written, audio instruction on human patterning, belief systems & expanded consciousness.

After Adele’s recently published novel, Searching for Oz: she & Michael wrote and currently facilitate coursework with their guide, Searching for OZ – The Journey Home, to assist others in finding their own answers. Michael has also written books such as, “The 55 Concepts, A Guide to Conscious Living,” & “Change your Mind, Not your Child”.

Both Adele & Michael are authors, speakers, artists and facilitators who have worked with schools, sports teams, inmates, businesses, couples, as well as individual sessions.  

Adele & Michael are parents of six & have five grandchildren. If they are not creating pastels & mix media art, you will find they traveling together exploring unseen worlds, as well as, the beauty and stillness of life.  

Adele and Michael’s Gift

Adele and Michael would like to offer a FREE 30 minute consultation for those who want to end their own trauma.

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