Jackie Tradewell invites Realign with the Divine into her Kimberton, PA Photon Light Therapies studio space. We share our personal experiences using this incredible new healing modality and how Jackie followed her own divine guidance to bring the Super Sauna Photon Genius into her community.

About Jackie Tradewell

Jackie Tradewell is the founder of Photon Light Therapies. She has always been an entrepreneur. Her first experience was owning a hair salon/spa, a career that lasted over 25 years. From there she entered into the Equestrian world and owned a horse farm where she started a children’s summer camp, hosted birthday parties and offered lesson programs. That ended in March of 2018. She had no idea where life’s next path was going to send her so, to help make that decision, she went on a spiritual journey to Sedona, AZ in the summer of 2018.

In doing so she found her calling in Photon Light Therapy. Her first 30 minute experience with the Photon Genie in Sedona was an experience that left her with a level of energy that sustained her to be awake and vibrating for 26 hours of traveling home after only having 4 hours of sleep! She immediately felt that this was her path to help birth this form of holistic wellness into her community. No one else has headed or started this type of therapy and she was called to do so. Since then she has helped many clients and herself with numerous health ailments including cancer surgeries, shoulder surgeries, pulled back muscles, anxiety, complications from concussions, tendonitis, and much much more. Jackie truly believes in and has felt the healing powers of Photon Light Therapy and is excited to spread the healing power to as many people as she can.

Connect with Jackie

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